Felix Cohen

I like making interesting things, be they websites, books or gizmos; I've been doing that freelance for 5 years; before that I was a Technical Consultant at Headshift | Dachis Group for 3½ years, and previously Director of Technology at openDemocracy.net & chinadialogue.net.

As a freelancer, I've worked with startups, agencies, consultancies and established companies. I don't put a lot of stock in job titles, but I've been called a UX designer, Information Architect, full stack developer, UX developer and creative technologist.

Put simply, I'm good at making things work on the internet — both technically and from the user's perspective. I can help you with workshops, requirement gathering, systems & information architecture or development. I'm not good at making things pretty, but love working with visual designers. You can see a selection of my work below.

If you're working on something and you'd like me to be involved, drop me a note at [email protected]

tldr; I make nice things, I like using Ruby with Rails or Sinatra, Wordpress, HTML5/CSS3/JS & Arduino/Raspberry Pi, and I love whiskey.

I also run the Manhattans Project , an occasional cocktail bar popup and event consultancy, and am the owner of Every Cloud, a neighbourhood bar in Hackney.



Q2 2013 - Ongoing

Architecting and developing the site for this large charity; including responsive designs, internationalisation, complex content migration, infrastructure consulting and integration with their activism platform. We also managed the move from an older version control and deploy suite to use Git and Capistrano across all their sites and microsites. The site serves over a million page views per month, and recently won a Webbie for the design and implementation.


Q2 2017

Development of a new site for a leading technology and branding agency.

Public Sector

Q2 2017

UX and development for a bespoke Rails application for a public sector organisation working with sensitive data and non-expert users to upload resources and undertake an extensive accreditation process.

Agency: Technology Company

Q2 2016

User Experience strategy and design pattern consulting for a large technology company launching a new product and product category. Experience design for a competition using the new product with content creators.

Insurance Agency

Q1 2016 - Ongoing

Extensive Rails and Ruby work on a number of client sites, ranging from copy updates to functionality rebuilds, and managing infrastructure using Heroku.

Pentagram: Lloyd's of London

Q1 2015

UX design and implementation of the Lloyd’s of London Annual Report 2014, using Jekyll, Grunt, SCSS and other modern web development tools. We worked closely with Pentagram who provided visual design direction.


Q3 2014

Extensive experience design and user experience for a large luxury brand exhibition and accompanying iOS app. The work involved extensive user journeys feeding into wireframes and prototypes, as well as mapping visitor flow in the physical space and the user experience for interactive exhibits.

Stellar Development Network

Q4 2013

I was invited to join the Stellar Development Network project as a Creative Technologist, and enjoyed learning from experienced practitioners in writing, game design and experience design. Our group built a prototype for Sutton House in Hackney, using the Raspberry Pi and small FM transmitters to provide the experience of being a ghost, eavesdropping on conversations that had happened through the history of the house.

General Assembly

Q2 2013 - Q3 2014

As a teacher at General Assembly in London, I've taught several courses in front-end development; ranging from their 10 week evening course through to the Programming For Non Programmers course, and recently the UX Immersive students, with a special focus on using HTML/CSS for building prototypes and wireframing.

The Ginger Pig

Q3 2013

Building a responsive site for this well known London butchers, using modern web development techniques and helping them understand the needs of their users and customers from their website.


Q3 2013

I worked with Bacardi over a 2 month period to establish UX and User journeys for their home bartender app, Mixed. Once the app entered development, I worked with photographers to ensure every recipe (over 600!) was tested and photographed, and produced photo guides to common cocktail techniques.

Hide & Seek

Q3 2013, Q2 2012

I worked with Hide & Seek & Yahoo on a project for the launch of the film 'World War Z'. We developed a game that tested a users ability to survive in the event of a global catastrophe, and had over half a million players over the two week promotional period it was live (across 6 different regional Yahoo sites). Stats were collected and used to generate a number of infographics for marketing purposes.

Hide & Seek had an engagement with the Gaite Lyrique in Paris, and I build the backend and interface for the final game of a series, a touchscreen panel and the 'brain' of the building, generating and producing an artefact based on their performance in other games, and integrated with several internal APIs. The exhibition and 'The Building is...' series of games were very well recieved.


Q4 2012 - Q2 2013

In a similar role to The Amazings, I worked with Platter to help develop the product concept and understand how success was being measured and actioned. I managed an offshored development team to build iOS and Android apps which integrated with a Ruby on Rails application and API I developed.

The Amazings

Q1 2012 - Q3 2012

I worked with The Amazings to help take their initial, MVP style platform to a more mature Ruby on Rails based system that allowed them to understand users better, test their content effectively and manage their content much more effectively.


Q1 2012

I worked with LonelyLeap initially to help them engage with their new website needs, leading workshops and producing a series of recommendations. I was then able to work with their design team on the basis of wireframes I produced, and worked on the project to completion and launch of the site.


I have worked with a number of large and small agencies on pitches and projects; from helping out at the ideation stage, to UX and IA designing, and planning releases and campaigns.